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Human rights

We will only initiate and renew contractual relationships with businesses that do not violate basic human rights.



We will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or personal beliefs. 


Child Labor

We do not permit children under the age of 14 to work in any business that produces our goods.


Forced Labor - Physical Coercion

We refuse to work with any business that uses forced or slave labor.  We will not tolerate the use of physical or mental coercion or corporal punishment.


Freedom of Association

We believe in the workers' right to organize and bargain collectively.  We will not work with businesses that do not allow employees to join associations of their own free will and choice.


Legal Requirements

We will only work with businesses that comply with all applicable national, state, and local laws and regulations.


Wages and Benefits

We will only do business with employers that comply with all applicable minimum wage and overtime requirements as well as the prevailing industry benefits for that region.  


Health and Safety

We require that all facilities where our goods are produced provide a safe and healthy work environment for all the employees.  When housing is provided it should also be clean and safe.

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